Genre-defying string group coming to Three Rivers

Appleseed Collective Newspaper Clipping

Genre-defying string group coming to Three Rivers

Three Rivers Commercial News | Kate Kulwicki, C-N Intern

THREE RIVERS – Come rain or shine, The Appleseed Collective will be sprouting up in Three Rivers on Aug. 25.

The band, consisting of Andrew Brown on acoustic guitar, Brandon Worder-Smith on mandolin and violin, Eric O’Daly on upright bass, and Vince Russo on washboard and percussion will perform at the Riviera Theatre auditorium on Friday, August 25 at 9 p.m.

Brown said the band has been defying the bounds of string music together for six years.

“We started about six years ago in Ann Arbor,” he said. “Those were the early days of playing at our friends’ houses just trying to get our name out there.”

Since then, the band has been sharing their unique sound around the country whilst on tour for the past four years.

Brown said the band’s sound is difficult to describe because it draws from a wide selection of influences.

“We blend everything together to make a new indie sound,” he said. “Our sound is kind of unique in the sense that it takes a lot of influences from old bluegrass music, gypsy jazz, and swing music. We also write our own modern songs, which blend the old time sounds with more modern sounds. We like to get a little funk and bring in a little rock n’ roll here and there too.”

Another interesting aspect of the band is that they have three songwriters: Brown, Worder-Smith, and O’Daly.

“It is an extremely varied musical sandwich,” Borwn said. “Not only are we drawing from tons of different musical genres, but there are also three songwriters in the band and each songwriter has their own style.”

Due to the number of songwriters, Brown said the band’s songs cover a wide spectrum of human experiences.

“It is all over the map,” he said. “I think a lot of times people write about things that have happened to them, things they want to happen, or things they never want to have happen again. Sometimes, you write about love, sometimes you write about what it feels like to be human, and other times it just comes to you and you just go with it.”

Brown said “theatrical” is a good way to describe a typical performance from the band.

“The song writing is very theatrical. We kind of want to put you in a mood and a moment. I always try to write songs where you can imagine a movie scene that goes with it,” he said. “The performance is very theatrical as well because we are up there, feeling all of those emotions coming from those songs, and trying to put on a show that people cannot look away from.”

Overall, Brown said the band does its best to keep the crowd engaged with their energizing tunes.

“There’s a ton of energy. A lot of our music is pretty energetic,” he said. “We bring it down a couple times, but in general, we kind of throw a party.”

The purpose of each performance, according to Brown, is to allow for the audience to escape reality.

“We perform because we want to create an experience that, even if just for a minute, removes people from the mundane experience of everyday life. We want people to have fun and experience what is happening in that moment,” he said. “We like to put on a show that is so dynamic and compelling that you don’t even think about your normal life at all.”