Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

Friday, February 6: 9pm; Doors 8pm


shfb.jpgSuper Happy Funtime Burlesque is taking its newest production, "Fxck You In The FACE!!" nationally this Spring! This burlesque show, which has been around for a decade and tours the nation extensively, is a show like none other! SHFB is separated from all other burlesque productions in that it is the only burlesque show that uses live and original music; every show is a complete work of musical theater for grown-ups. As in, people who aren't repressed or stuck-up... or afraid of getting a lapdance from a 350lb male stripper! Boasting very off-the-wall characters like bearded female Jesus, said fat guy, a kick-ass band, and more, SHFB is burlesque for the 21st century!! This is not a revival! This is not girls in sequins dancing to 'hot jazz'!! This is not a look through rose-tinted glasses at the days of vaudeville!! This is completely brand new sexy, bawdy, funny, and surreal musical theater that is beyond compare!!

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