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We want to hear your stories about the Riviera! Just leave a comment below to share your memories of the theater.


My grandparents have had a summer home on Pleasant Lake for many years. I remember going into town on a rainy day in the mid-80s to see a movie--a special treat in our family! I was awed by the marquis of the old theatre. We saw The Care Bears Movie, which I'm sure was delightful for us kids (my Care Bear's name was Sunshine), but tedious for the adults.

When I was little my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived on Lovers Lane for as long as I can remember. During the summer and winter breaks from school I would get to stay for a few days at a time. I can remember one day in particular that my cousin April took me to see E.T. at The Riviera. How fun that the theater is opening again (no matter what as) because now I also live here...and plan to frequent the location as often as possible!

It was an overcast and rainy night in 1992 when I saw my first movie at the Riviera at the age of ten. I watched Wayne's World with Colin Monroe and had a Chocolate Coke and a bag of popcorn. Party on Riviera.

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