What you missed in October!

October 2016

What you missed in October!

Mark Higgins – 15 October

Mark is a local musician who always delivers a fun evening. He has a real enthusiasm and love for music, and it shows every time he gets behind a microphone and his guitar. We loving having him in, make sure you keep an eye out for him to return!


DASAS Behind the Mask – 22 October

Behind the Mask was a masquerade fundraiser put on by the local Domestic and Sexual Abuse Service (DASAS). We’ve wanted to have a masquerade event of some kind here since our doors opened approximately 8 years ago, but it just never worked, so when DASAS came to us with the idea we were so excited. Not only was it a great event but was also for a truly good cause.

Prizes for best dressed, best dressed couple, best homemade mask, and several others were handed out. The 1925 version of Phantom of the Opera played on the big screen; there were live performers (including fire work), music, and an auction for masks handmade by survivors DASAS has worked with.

All proceeds went to DASAS and we hope they make this an annual event. (Photos below by Interesting Developments from Dawn, originals can be found on her facebook page.)


Frankenstein (1931) – 28 & 29 October

The original film adaptation of Frankenstein played here for two nights in honor of Halloween, and how can you not watch at least one classic horror film during October? Especially one partially credited with helping establish the horror genre for Hollywood. (Did you see the videos we posted from BBC’s “History of Horror”?)

One of our staff members has been a fan of the Mary Shelly classic for years and was thrilled to see the original adaptation. The 1931 version did this beautiful thing that we see so rarely in modern versions, it showed The Monster had the capacity and desire to learn and develop, to be sweet, it’s something skipped in most retellings. Its “monster” nature is credited to the “abnormal” brain used in its creation, as well as the fear it has and (much like Mary Shelly’s Monster) the abuse it suffers at the hands of humans. Where the book lays the real horrors at the feet of humanity’s shortcomings, the film balances the horrors beautifully between what we’ve come to expect from horror (a monster lurking in the shadows) and humanity’s shortcomings.


Halloween – 28 October

If you missed our Halloween party this year we are truly sorry, but don’t worry there is always next year! Three prizes were awarded this year. Best Super Hero went to our own local Clark Kent, Most Creative went to this lovely space cat, and Creepiest went to the Grady Twins from The Shinning. The twins stood at the end of the foyer to bid a dead-in-the-eyes farewell those leaving the night’s last showing of Frankenstein.


Way Down Wanderers – 29 October

If you haven’t heard the Way Down Wanderers we feel truly sorry for your ears, and if you missed seeing them perform live there is not enough pity in the world for you. These guys were truly a treat, insanely talented and a genuinely great group of guys. At once point the majority of the crowd was up and dancing in front of the stage and for their encore they came down off the stage to play their last song.