February Cocktails

February Cocktails

We’ve been experimenting with a few cocktails. We wanted cocktails we could release specifically on Valentine’s Day, but with the longevity to stay on as February’s Specialty Cocktails. We narrowed it down to three categories: chocolate, pink/red, and something whiskey-based (most themed cocktails tend to be vodka-based and sweet, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea…or glass of liquor in this case).

A couple staffers brought in a few ideas and we started taste testing!

Dirty Shirley was good right from the start; some small modifications on presentation and we were happy with it. Dirty Shirley tastes like cherry cream soda and just as innocent as its booze-free sister the Shirley Temple, but this cocktail isn’t served up virgin style it comes with a nice helping of cherry vodka, making it a sweet cocktail with the ability to hold its own. We tried a few other pink and red cocktails just to be sure, but none of them could beat out Dirty Shirley, and so she stayed.

Whiskey Daisy may sound like the screen name of a southern belle you do NOT want to mess with, but it’s actually a really lovely whiskey-based cocktail, with a bit of Grand Marnier, some citrus, and a splash of simple syrup to make sure that citrus tang doesn’t get more than its fair share of playtime on your tongue. Two of our whiskey-loving staff took to working on this one like a fish to water, and between the two of them and some helpful input from another taste tester, the Whiskey Daisy came into bloom beautifully.

Tiramisu is our chocolate cocktail. Now, we already have several dangerously delicious chocolate martini cocktails, but we wanted to try something new. Inspiration struck when one of our staff made dramatic eye contact from across the bar with our bottle of Tiramisu liqueur. There was an intense swell of music, everything faded in the background, and somewhere in the viewing audience someone sniffled back tears because this was definitely going to be a meet cute which made it into cinematic history. It was all very passionate and ridiculous, everyone rolled their eyes. Back in reality, the bartenders were experimenting with how to make a cocktail look a bit like (and definitely taste like) tiramisu. Thankfully we have an expert on hand (or rather a bartender who REALLY likes tiramisu) and so cooking up the Tiramisu cocktail was easy as pie. Cake, …pudding? What exactly is tiramisu classified as..?