‘Rocking soul music’ coming to Riviera Theatre

‘Rocking soul music’ coming to Riviera Theatre

Three Rivers Commercial News | Alek Frost, Managing Editor

THREE RIVERS – David Gerald’s unique combination of blues, R&B and rock music are coming to a theatre near you on Friday, June 2.

Gerald is scheduled to perform at the Riviera Theatre in downtown Three Rivers next month, where he’ll play what has been described as “blues infused soul rock music”.

“Blues infused soul rock music, or as I like to call it ‘rocking soul’, is basically all of my (musical) influences combined together into the sound I”m putting out there right now”, Gerald said. “Which is all of the old blues guys, I went through Stevie Ray (Vaughn), then you put the rock in there, I came up in the 80s, so all those great rock guitar players were a huge influence on me, Eddie Van Halen, all those guys that did all the pyrotechnics and all of the crazy stuff, I really liked that and the sound that they were putting out.

“I’m also very influenced by Motown and R&B. Things like Rick James, The Temptations and all of those great R&B sings, Marvin Gaye and those guys. But all of those things are what I like to think I”m bringing, at least with my interpretation and what I can do with my own abilities, that’s what I’m bringing to the music scene right now.”

Gerald grew up in Detroit after his father, who was born in Mississippi, moved his family from The Magnolia State to Michigan after experiencing “segregation and racial discrimination”, with hopes of providing his children “a better chance at the American Dream”.

Gerald, who started playing guitar at the age of 15, is currently traveling around the country with his band performing at clubs and festivals. He said fans can expect “a lot of energy, and a lot of soul” when they come to see him play.

“The main thing I hear when I get feedback is we have to much energy coming from the stage and the fans kind of feed off that and I feed off of them,” he said. “So I give them everything I have, every show I give everything I have that day, I leave it all onstage. S I would say they should expect a lot of energy and a lot of soul.”

Gerald is currently working on his new album “Blues Soul Rocker”, which already has five tracks with promise of more to come. He said the album would officially be released later this summer or sometime in the fall.

Gerald’s show will begin at 8 p.m. on Friday, June 2 in the Riviera Theatre Auditorium. Local musicians Same Melchi and The Generations Band will serve as the opening act. *Tickets can only be purchased in-person at the Riviera Theatre and for $8.


*Since the article ran on Saturday, May 20 tickets have become available for purchase online. Please see the event page to purchase.