David Ryle to bring unique genre to Three Rivers

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David Ryle to bring unique genre to Three Rivers

Three Rivers Commercial News | Kate Kulwicki, C-N Intern

THREE RIVERS – With only a guitar, a loop station, and his singing voice, a Milwaukee native by the name of David Ryle will be bringing soul/folk to the Riviera Theatre on Saturday at 9 p.m.

The musician said he was motivated to visit Three Rivers because he has always wanted to explore Michigan.

“I’ve never been to Michigan before,” he said. “I think Michigan is a very beautiful state and I have always wanted to visit. I was drawn to the area because the people seem very welcoming.”

Ryle was educated at the Milwaukee High School of the Arts, took private lessons at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and studied at the Peck School of Arts. Ryle identifies his music as soul/folk, which he says embodies his past musical endeavors.

“It’s an eclectic mix of several genres with classical, musical theatre, folk, soul, and rock all mixed together,” he said.

While Ryle’s songs are from the perspective of a “young 20-year-old,” he said he has worked hard to ensure they are accessible to a wide audience.

“I really try to make my shows (accessible) to a lot of people. I grew up in a small country town where a lot of people would not come to shows because they were shy or didn’t think that they would like the style and I wanted to change that,” he said.

Ryle said his songs are about people, places, hardships, and even politics.

“In a lot of the songs, I try to make people think and consider different ideas about life,” he said. “I even wrote a song about Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, and his negative impact on music education.”

Ryle’s set list includes all of the songs from his EP “Know Thyself”, his originals, and covers.

“It has got a good mix,” he said. “Not too many happy songs, not too many sad songs”

Ryle said he enjoys performing because it allows hi to push technique as far as it can go.

“At the end is when I explode. It will start shredding once I have gotten used to the room and can read the audience. I will go 100 miles per hour, so just hold on tight,” he said.

Above all, Ryle said he hopes his performance will provide people with a joyful experience.

“I want everyone to show up, relax, turn off (his or her) brains and let me do all the work, ” he said. “My goal is for everyone to have fun and walk out feeling happier.”

Ryle will play in the Riviera Theatre Bar beginning at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 17; $5 is the suggested cover for the event.