Riviera Theatre to welcome guitar-driven, rock-and-roll songwriter

Andrew Leahey - live

Riviera Theatre to welcome guitar-driven, rock-and-roll songwriter

Three Rivers Commercial News | Samantha May, Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS – A Tom Petty- and Bruce Springsteen-inspired songwriter and his four-piece band will bring a rock-and-roll vibe to the stage at the Riviera Theatre this Friday.

Andrew Leahey and the Homestead will perform Petty and Springsteen covers, as well as original songs that also have an emphatic, rock energy made to entertain a crowd.

Leahey said when he moved to Nashville in 2011, his music underwent a s significant transformation. After spending five years as a music journalist in Ann Arbor and occasionally performing Americana music for small crowds, he wanted to commit to music full time and decided to move to Nashville. he said this is where he “felt the pull” towards a “guitar-driven,” “less rustic, and more emphatic” style of rock-and-roll music.

In his upcoming show in three Rivers, Leahey will play guitar and sing, similar to his idols.

“I’m the songwriter, I am the front man, the lead singer, and I share lead guitar duties as well. That is important to me, to not only be the guy that drives the band vocally but also plays a really big role instrumentally. I think it is compelling to watch a band where the front man is not just up there singing but they are really driving the ship,” Leahey said.

Also on the stage will be the Homestead, the composition of which Leahey says is always changing. For the Three Rivers performance, Leahey said the Homestead will consist of a guitarist, a drummer, and a bass guitarist, in which some of these member will also provide harmonies that Leahey said are “a big part of the band,” giving the band’s sound a “pop-context even when we are rocking out”.

he said Friday nights are the time to wind down and seek a sense of release from the everyday stresses of life, so he hopes the audience will feel “satisfied, spent and not exhausted” after the show.

“I hope the crowd will feel satisfied, spent, and not exhausted. We don’t play music too loud, our goal is not too overwhelm people. There is a certain release when you play a Bruce Springsteen album or when you go see a band like Tom Petty live, the music is built to forget about what you are doing during the day, that perhaps wasn’t a good time or wasn’t as compelling as you wanted it to be. It re-roots you on everything that matters and i always hope we can bring a resemblance of that to other people,” Leahey said.

“Given what rock-and-roll has done for me, and the calm it has brought to my life, I just want to toss my hat into the ring and hopefully help someone else.”

After spending five years in Ann Arbor, he said he is excited to be back in Michigan. He said Friday’s show is an opportunity to meet a new group of people and “hopefully adding them to the larger family that this band is”.

“Some of the most interesting people are the ones who would go out on a limb and catch a band that they don’t know,” Leahey said. “Those are the kind of people that I can see myself keeping in close contact with anyways. So I feel like touring is like speed dating for friends because it puts you in the market for people who are a lot like you.”

Leahey said he makes himself available for a chat as much as possible before and after his performances, and encourages memeber of the audience to get to know him and join the band community. The show will begin at 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 13 with a $5 suggested cover.