Unique dual fiddle performance coming to the Riviera Theatre

10 String Symphony Band Image

Unique dual fiddle performance coming to the Riviera Theatre

Three Rivers Commercial News | Samantha May, Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS – Equipped with two five-string fiddles and empowering lyrics, 10 String Symphony, a musical duo from Nashville, plans to show “the magic in music” while creating full sounding arrangements during their upcoming performance at the Riviera Theatre on Saturday, Feb. 10.

“The songwriting has really taken on more of a focal point and an element, but the aesthetics of the band with just the five-string fiddles and two voices at the center of it is still what defines the sound of our band,” band member Christian Sedelmyer said.

Recently Sedelmyer and band mate Rachel Bainman, recorded their third album, “Generation Frustration”, with a producer in Scotland. Sedelymyer said the experience followed the Scottish folk traditional sound, but also introduced the band to the folk-electric blend of music.

Since then, Sedelmyer said 10 String Symphony decided to challenge themselves, and their five-string fiddles, by creating different sounds with added equipment such as pedals and amplifiers. Sedelmyer and Baiman discovered ways to imitate the sounds of different instruments to add layers to their music.

“Part of the challenge that we tried to accomplish was how do we create full sounding arrangements without the audience necessarily missing a drummer or bass player, and so for that, we stumbled upon ways to use the violin in different percussive ways to emulate what a drummer would do in that situation. Often making sounds that are not necessarily even melodic, (but they) add different texture to the song and the arrangements,” Sedelmyer said.

He said during a performance, although the band might play a few electric-sounding mixes, they don’t stray too far away from the classic acoustic fiddle sound.

“Part of the vision that all three of us, (including our sound engineer), have for the show is that it is never too much of one thing. When we do the slightly more electric sounding part of the set, you won’t miss the acoustic part of the set and vice versa,” Sedelmyer said.

The band’s most recently recorded album, “Generation Frustration”, is also the first album out of their three albums where Baiman and Sedelmyer co-wrote the lyrics. Sedelmyer said the meaning behind the album’s lyrics match the theme of the album’s name.

“We were both fairly unsettled by how political everything has become with everything in the world, as well as decisions being made that seem a little bit out of control but affect our everyday lives, and very important conversations that are being brought to the forefront of the political and social spectrums. That was kind of the focal point for writing this album. The title “Generation Frustration” is meant to reflect that,” he said.

Sedelmyer said the album aims to empower those feeling helpless and to give voice to the voiceless.

The title track off the album touches on the topic of “people taking sides before a discussion even occurs.”

“Thinking about how people make those initial judgments very often based out of emotion. The theme of that song is trying to figure out, is it possible that music can be one of the things that can bridge that gap for people and cause people to realize that often when we are shouting at each other, we are actually not that far off from the sides that we are taking. (…) The song hopes that the music might be a tool to bring people together rather than continue to divide us,” Sedelmyer said.

Although Sedelmyer and Baiman based their songwriting with these elements in mind, Sedelmyer said he hopes their songs show the “magic in music” by allowing the listener to draw their own conclusions and “choose your own adventure”.

“When we write it, it means something fairly specific to us but that doesn’t mean someone hearing that song is going to have that exact experience or even feel that it means the same thing. Music is about allowing space so people can interpret songs and get out of them what they will, and what is meaningful to them in their lives. It is one of the most amazing things about music.”



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