Folk rock musician to play intimate show at Riviera Theatre

Photo image of David Goodier

Folk rock musician to play intimate show at Riviera Theatre

Three Rivers Commercial News | Samantha May, Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS – A “very simple, but very active” folk rock musician will perform an intimate, feel-good show with just himself and his acoustic guitar at the Riviera Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 13 at 8 p.m.

After completing his first solo tour in December, former member of “folk super group” Yearbook Committee, David Goodier of Terre Haute, Ind. is preparing to bring his original sound to Three Rivers.

He said he began singing and songwriting at about 11 or 12 years old, and now performs relatable lyrics with the goal of opening the hearts and minds of his audience, and getting them to feel the music.

“Feel a little bit something, smile and enjoy it. I like when people are tapping their feet when they didn’t expect to be doing that that day. I feel like that is the win for me,” Goodier said.

Although Goodier said he tends to be very lively on stage, foot stomping along with the beat, he adapts his performances to the “vibe” of the audience, in order to entertain, with hopes that the audience escapes the harsh reality of the “real world”, and feels relaxed and stress-free while watching his performance.

“I like it when people are relaxed. I like to connect with the audience, I like to talk to them, I tend to be lively on stage, but for the most part, I just don’t want anybody to worry about anything. Just to enjoy some music, sing along, clap, I like a stress-free environment, good positive vibe all around,” Goodier said. “I like to sing pretty songs and create a nice atmosphere for people.”

Goodier said he began a personal journey toward becoming healthy after quitting drinking, eating better, etc. during his solo tour. He said a lot of the lyrics off his solo album reflect that time of recovery, and mean a lot to him personally.

“The album reflects that year that I was working on the album, but also working on myself. It really reflects all of that,” Goodier said.

However, other lyrics on his album reflect a greater message of love, such as “I drew a space for you in between the place before I fall asleep,” from the song ZQ Love off his album “Headphones Please”.

“When I (try to) fall asleep, sometimes I (think of) comic book fake characters in my head to help me fall asleep, (which I’ve done) since I was a little kid. There was someone I really liked and I put them in that dream world as one of these fictional characters,” he said.

Goodier hopes to see the crowd feeling the music and relating to the lyrics along side him on Saturday, Jan. 13. He said when he looks at the audience and sees smiles and enjoyment; he smiles and feels at peace.

“They would be coming to see someone that is genuine that will show them some original music, and that is honestly, genuinely happy and humbled to see someone else looking back at them listening to them playing music.”