Original performer to kickoff tour at Riviera

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Original performer to kickoff tour at Riviera

Three Rivers Commercial News | Samantha May, Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS ― Grown up rarely in a home, but in a beaten-down bus traveling around the country with a family bluegrass band, music is simply rooted into David Mayfield’s way of life.

On Thursday, Oct. 11, Mayfield of the David Mayfield Parade will grace the Riviera Theatre’s stage* alongside fellow musician Abby Rose to play original Americana songs with an entertaining, yet comedic, showmanship.

As a young musician, Mayfield oozed talent. He won numerous national flat picking guitar contests and national mandolin contests, which lives on in his old performance as “intricate fast picking and musicality,” he said. He has performed with the Avett Brothers, and with other musicians to form the group Cadillac Sky, who toured with the British folk band Mumford and Sons, before branching out as a solo artist in 2011.

For his fourth appearance at the Riviera Theatre, he said the crowd can “expect the unexpected,” as his past performances have been described as “a stand-up comedian with a guitar.”

“I think growing up in a family bluegrass band, I formed a different mentality about my role as a performer. I think of it more as a service provider, like I am a plumber or something. I show up and my job is to entertain whoever is at the show,” Mayfield said.

“Sometimes I think performers are up on stage to satisfy some kind of ego or to pretend to be a rock star, and I just have a completely different mentality. I like to engage the audience, talk with them, joke, make fun of myself, and make fun of them. At the end of the day, everyone should leave there in a good mood, that’s my mentality.”

His “service provider” mindset flourishes in his relatable songwriting talents, which he said is a “form of therapy” that typically reflects on personal experiences. For an example, in his song “The Man I’m Trying to Be,” he paints a picture of the time he was in his early 20s starting a new chapter of his life in Nashville.

“I let my morality slip so I can fit in. In other words, if I was hanging out with a group of racist people, I was so starved for friendship and wanting to fit in that I laughed it off or didn’t confront them. As I got older, I realized that I am the thing that they are just by being complicit with them, so I figured out how to take control of my own conviction and to stand up for what I believe in, without feeling the need to fit in with people like that,” he said.

Mayfield’s Riviera performance is his first stop on a four-week tour across the country, with stops in California, Seattle, Portland, and Denver.

“I really like Three Rivers and I love the Riviera. I had a blast every time I’ve played there and it made a lot of sense to me to get it started there,” he said.

The original article says that tickets are available at the Riviera or online, however, there are no tickets, it is a $5 cover charge the night of the show.

*The show will be in the Riviera Theatre Bar, not on the stage.