Memphis Underground to perform at Adult Prom at Riviera

Memphis Underground - Adult Prom

Memphis Underground to perform at Adult Prom at Riviera

Three Rivers Commercial News | Robert Tomlinson, Staff Writer

THREE RIVERS ― The last time the Memphis Underground Band were in concert at the Riviera Theatre last year, founder and saxophonist Steve Toepp said they were enthralled by the audience.

“Every time we finished a song, they were yelling, screaming, and dancing. We were completely taken with the Three Rivers audience,” Toepp said.

Next month, Memphis Underground will be back at the Riviera, but for a different kind of event ― they will be the main performers for Riviera Theatre’s Adult Prom event on May 25. The event is for adults 21 and up, and will include cocktails, a photo area, and live music performed by Memphis Underground.

Going into their Adult Prom performance, Toepp, in an interview with the Commercial-News was surprised that there was a dance floor at the Riviera.

“I looked at a picture of the theatre online, and we weren’t sure whether there was a dance floor there, but there is!” Toepp said.

Toepp said that Memphis Underground is a “high energy dance band,” focused on “playing music everyone likes,” such as Motown, classic rock, blues, and even some contemporary music from the likes of Adele, Bruno Mars, and meghan Trainor. Toepp said that the band can adapt what they play to what the audience is responding to, as well.

Toepp is joined in the band by his wife, Shawn, and Nathan Moore on vocals, Doug Lim and Jim Greulich on precision, Dominic Rapelli on bass, and a man Toepp called “Dr. J” on guitar.

Toepp said the band, which is celebrating four years this year, got its name from a musical movement in Memphis in the 60s and 70s.

“There’s a style of music from the 60s and 70s that Memphis really created, despite the racial tension, it was music that brought all people together, and it’s impossible not to tap your foot to this music,” Toepp said.

Toepp said he and the band are looking forward to playing in Three Rivers again for a good event, and also noted a fun coincidence about the theme of Adult Prom, “Enchantment Under the Sea.”

“We liked the idea because they said it was playing off of the same theme of the prom from Back To The Future,” Toepp said. “We looked at the band that was playing in the movie, and we dug it. We’re planning on playing some of the material the band in Back To The Future did.”

Adult Prom will be held on Saturday, May 25, beginning at 9 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance of the event and $20 the day of. Tickets can be purchased on the Riviera’s website.