Musical comedy filmed in Three Rivers sees debut

Musical comedy filmed in Three Rivers sees debut


Three Rivers Commercial News | Robert Tomlinson, Staff Writer

A musical comedy movie partially filmed in Three Rivers last fall is finally seeing the big screen.

“Moondance,” written and directed by Constantine native Matt Whitney of Squatchagawea Films, is a movie that Whitney calls “a bit of a film within a film within a mockumentary.”

“It follows a film crew as they make a love story musical, but more often than not, the crew inserts themselves into the film, creating some truly hilarious moments,” Whitney said in an email interview with the Commercial-News on Thursday.

The movie did filming for four weeks back in September and October, including shoots on Main Street in downtown Three Rivers. Whitney said that the city was very gracious in allowing them to film there last year.

“Three Rivers was an incredibly welcoming town,” Whitney said. “One thing I love about making films in the Midwest is the openness people have to productions. In that sense, Three Rivers didn’t disappoint. The city was more than accommodating to our needs, going so far as to shut down Main Street for six-plus hours.”

The movie will have a private premiere on Saturday for cast and crew at the Riviera Theatre, and afterwards, Whitney says he’ll submit the film to festivals and eventually have a public premiere next year*.

“In the spring of next year, once our circuit of festivals is done, we will be holding public premiere of the film at the Riviera as well as several additional screenings,” Whitney said. “It will be a great time to see the city of Three Rivers featured on the big screen , and for those that came out to be extras last year, a chance to see themselves in the movies!”

Overall, Whitney is excited for the movie to finally premiere.

“It’s honestly a dream come true to finally see all of the literally thousands of hours of hard work pay off. This is project that I started writing four years ago, took into production last fall, and is finally finished now,” Whitney said.

“Looking back on the amount of hard work everyone put into it makes me so proud. I watch the film and I see the cast and crew who sacrificed sleep and time with their families to get up early every morning, or work overnights for days in a row, to make this idea a reality. Seeing it all finally culminate is incredible.”

*The public premiere is now scheduled and posted. There will be three showings total here at the Rivera Theatre March 2020, more information can be found HERE including all show dates, times, film trailer, and how to purchase your tickets in advance.